IALS Global Law Library

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) which is appended to the University of London advances, encourages and scatters the aftereffects of cutting edge study and examination in the control of law, to support people and foundations in the UK and abroad. Its job is to lead research; to advance and encourage, inside London and … Read more

Free Law Online Sources

This page connects to data sets and sites that give lawful data and materials (counting laws, charges, court sentiments, and related reports) or potential connections to lawful material. The greater part of these locales is uninhibitedly accessible to all clients with Internet access. A few locales are the University of Washington Restricted, that is, accessible … Read more

What is process and limitation of driving license in Nepal

Vehicle driving license renew on time;  On the off chance that your driving license has lapsed, which is given from Nepal, you need to renew it within 90 days from the date of expiry. On the off chance that you can’t recharge your driving permit inside a year from the date of expiry, you need … Read more