Advocates seeking for dismissal of Prime Minister’s oath in Supreme Court

A writ petition has been filed in the Supreme Court of Nepal demanding dismissal of oath taken by KP Sharma Oli. After appointed as Prime Minister for the third time, he disregarded the oat content and violates the legal provision. The Prime minister has not uttered some words in the oat. He dishonestly took oat. … Read more

Legal provision (law) related Untouchability and Discrimination of Nepal

Untouchability is a world-wide socio-cultural problem mostly on basis of race. In Nepal, Dalits form the groups which have received the most inhuman treatment and maltreatment from the so-called ‘high castes’ through caste-based discrimination, including untouchability. In practice, untouchability means avoidance of physical contact with persons of lower castes grounded in the caste system of … Read more

State the general principles of criminal liability which are relevant to criminal proceedings in general.

Criminal liability is explains the logical structure of the criminal law. The prosecutors need to prove each element of the crime, is principle of criminal liabilities. All criminal charge needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Liability needs to be distinguished; Culpability- infers intent, Capacity – capacity defense, Responsibility – presumptions General principle      … Read more

SC ordered to arrange of oxygen and hospital (Corona Pandemic)

The Supreme Court of Nepal (SC) has issued an order to the government to easy supply of oxygen for the treatment of those infected with the corona virus. SC also ordered to bring well-equipped hospitals into operation. A single bench of Justice Bam Kumar Shrestha issued an interim order. Supreme Court ordered to easy supply … Read more

Government recommended for the appointment to the Constitutional bodies

The Constitutional Council has recommended some people for appointment to vacant posts in various constitutional bodies (commissions). It has been made public on 27 Baishakh 2078. A meeting of the constitutional council held on Sunday has decided to recommend. The council meeting has recommended the appointment of former secretary Madhav Regmi the post of chairman … Read more