29th Advocate Level Oral Examination is postponed

January 23, Kathmandu

Nepal Bar Council has postponed the 29th Advocate Level Oral Examination. The council has informed that the examination has been postponed due to the rapid increase in the rate of infection of the new variant Omicron in the third wave of Covid-19.

The council had earlier fixed January 27, 28, and 29 (BS 2078 Magh 13, 14, and 15) for the oral examination roll number of the candidates who had passed the written examination. It was published that the candidates have passed or failed the written examination and the total score of the candidates will be published only after the result of the oral examination.

Further, the council Stated that due to the epidemic and lockdown, it is not possible to conduct the oral examination of the 29th Advocate level in the current situation and the examination has been postponed till further notice.

Earlier, in the past, four questions paper had to be fixed for four days with a total of four hundred integers for the written examination of advocate level, but due to the epidemic of Covid-19, it was reduced from the 28th and 29th exams to score only one hundred integers in one day.

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