Outline for Entrance Examination of BA LLB at Lumbini Buddhist University

Admission eligibility To get admission to the BALLB program of Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU), students should secure a position in the merit list published after an entrance examination. They should fill out an application form before they can appear in the entrance exam. The entrance examination is conducted by the Office of Dean, Faculty of … Read more

Illegal detention and its remedy with reference of National and international laws  

Detention is when someone is arrested or put into custody or imprisoned for any reason. The police can arrest and detain people for investigation of a crime, or political reason. If, the person allegedly involved violates the country panel laws. If any person arrested or detained the person going loose his/her rights to liberty. The … Read more

State the general principles of criminal liability which are relevant to criminal proceedings in general.

Criminal liability is explains the logical structure of the criminal law. The prosecutors need to prove each element of the crime, is principle of criminal liabilities. All criminal charge needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Liability needs to be distinguished; Culpability- infers intent, Capacity – capacity defense, Responsibility – presumptions General principle      … Read more

Admission open for 1 Year MA in (Human Rights and Conflict and International Humanitarian Law)Nepal

Admission opened for one (1) year Masters of Art (MA) in Human Rights and Conflict and International Humanitarian Law. national capital college Law (KSL) offers one-year knowledge base M.A. Programmes in each steams Human Rights and Conflict and International Humanitarian Law. These MA programmes connected by Purbanchal University, Nepal. The programs facilitate the students, WHO … Read more