Law Library

A. Central Law Library 

Central Law Library was established at the initiative of the Supreme Court of Nepal and The Asia Foundation during the tenure of Chief Justice Biswanath Upadhyaya in 1993. Click here to see more

B. Supreme Court Law Library

Supreme Court Law Library is established at the Supreme Court of Nepal. It provides service only for the Judge, Judicial officers, and personnel counts. It is not for public access.

C. IALS Global Law Library

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) which is appended to the University of London advances, encourages and scatters the aftereffects of cutting edge study and examination in the control of law, to support people and foundations in the UK and abroad. Click here to see more 

D.  Free Law Online Sources

This page connects to data sets and sites that give lawful data and materials (counting laws, charges, court sentiments, and related reports) or potential connections to lawful material. Click here to see more