Parliamentary hearing of proposed Justice on “Fast Track”


The ruling parties have prepared to “Fast Track” the parliamentary hearing of the three proposed Justices of the Supreme Court of Nepal.

On Tuesday, the Judicial Council recommended three persons for the post of Justice of the Supreme Court of Nepal. High Court Chief Justice Nita Gautam Dixit, High Court judge Vinod Sharma Gautam and Head of Nepal Law Campus D.N. Parajuli have been recommended as justices of the Supreme Court. The appointment recommendation letter has reached the parliamentary hearing committee.

It is mentioned in the procedure that the committee should hold a meeting and issue a 10-day notice for protest, but the ruling parties are ready to shorten this procedure and hold hearings on Fast Track.

Hearings cannot be held after the office of the Parliament is over. Recently ruling parties tried to amend the act the extension the period of the house of representatives, but it has failed. There is a provision in the House of Representative’s regulation, 2075 that if the hearing committee sits and does not approve it for 45 days, it can be automatically appointed.

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