Ravi Lamichhane re-elected as the president of Rashtriya Swatantra Party with re-obtaining Nepali citizenship

January 29, Kathmandu

Ravi Lamichhane has again taken Nepalese citizenship. He reached the district administration office in Kathmandu on Sunday and regained his citizenship according to the law.

Along with regaining citizenship, Ravi Lamichhane has also been re-elected as the president of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RASWPA). The central committee meeting held at the party office Bashundhara on Sunday handed over the responsibility of the chairman.

He has regained his citizenship after completing the necessary procedures as per Rule 11 of the Citizenship Rules. Lamichhane took the certificate of Nepali citizenship on the basis of descent in 2050. The administration completed the recovery process and gave the citizenship to Lamichhane with the old details and issue date.

Lamichhane, who had taken citizenship in Nepal earlier, came to Nepal on a non-tourist (relative) visa after going to America. Then he stayed here. He gave notice to the American Embassy in Nepal for the purpose of relinquishing his American citizenship in 075. However, they had not completed the process of regaining Nepali citizenship.

According to the law, Lamichhane had to give up American citizenship and regain Nepali citizenship at that time, but Lamichhane had been using his old citizenship without completing that process.

Using the same citizenship, he started the National Independent Party last June, and after winning the election from Chitwan-2, he also became an MP and Home Minister. However, after a writ was filed in the Supreme Court regarding his citizenship, the court ruled that Lamichhane would be relieved of his post because he had not completed the process of regaining his citizenship after returning from America. After the verdict, Lamichhane lost his position as Home Minister, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the National Independent Party.

After the decision of the Supreme Court, Lamichhane reached the district administration office on Sunday and regained his citizenship.
Advocates Raviraj Basaula and Yuvraj Paudel filed a petition in the Supreme Court saying that after relinquishing US citizenship, they did not complete the process of regaining citizenship according to the laws of Nepal.

In Section 10 of the Nepalese Citizenship Act, 2063, there is a clear legal provision that Nepali citizenship will not be maintained if one voluntarily takes foreign citizenship or does not choose Nepali citizenship in the case of being a citizen of Nepal and a foreign country at the same time.

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