What type good/Baggage can carry a international traveler (From to Nepal)

Rules Regarding baggage for international travelers from-to Nepal

According to subsection (3) of section 9 of the Customs Act 2064 (2007), there are some rules regarding baggage for international travelers. The government of Nepal has issued this notice the ‘Baggage Rules’.

This rule governed the customs duty applicable on the personal goods, accompanied or unaccompanied. This notice comes into force from 2073, 1st of Shrawan B.S. (A.D. 16, July 2016).

For a foreign passenger traveling by international flight,

The Foreign passenger traveling by flight is exempted from the duty on the following personal used articles imported or exported on the condition that such articles shall be returned or carry back.

the Foreign traveler going by international flight is absolved from the duty on the accompanying individual utilized articles imported or traded depending on the prerequisite that such articles will be returned or convey back;

  1. One-piece binocular,
  2. One-piece tablet or laptop computer, one-piece video camera, one-piece still camera,
  3. One-piece set of portable music system,
  4. Clothes, beds, and used household articles,
  5. One-piece perambulator, one tri-cycle,
  6. One-piece bicycle,
  7. One-piece watch,
  8. One-piece cellular mobile phone set

Some additional equipment can carry which are being used by the professional person;

  1. One-set of Instruments or equipment to be used by the professional,
  2. Instruments, equipment, and medicine imported by the medical doctor carrying out his job and tools, to be used by the professionals related,
  3. Musical instruments or accessories for the professional singer,
  4. Sports materials for professional sportsperson,
  5. Fishing rod,
  6. Foreign passengers can carry gold ornaments up to 50 grams and silver ornaments up to 100 grams.

The discretionary power of the chief of the customs office;

The chief of the customs office shall allow, if it is justifiable, to transport (bring or take away) the other things in addition to above mentioned.

That is imported or exported by the foreign traveler by charging the overarching obligation or without charging the obligation, aside from restricted, controlled, or financially imported products.

Customs duty is waived

Customs duty is waived on the following goods carried by the passport holder foreign passenger;

  1. One bottle of liquor Up to 1 litre or twelve cans of beer,
  2. Tobacco up to 250 grams, Cigarette up to two hundred, and sticks cigar up to fifty sticks,
  3. 15 pieces of film for still camera and 12 pieces of film for a movie camera,
  4. Medicine up to the value of one thousand rupees (except the medicine banned to import into Nepal),
  5. Foodstuff up to the value of five thousand rupees (including tin pack food),
  6. Fresh fruits up to the value of two thousand

A foreign traveler may carry or dispatch reminder goods (except the goods banned for export from Nepal) purchased in the Nepali market.  Which are worth Rupees equivalent to the amount exchanged in the quantified certified foreign exchange dealer or bank without an export license. Hence, the foreign traveler may carry or dispatch the goods purchased in the Nepali market equivalent to Rs 50,000/ (Fifty thousand Nepalese rupees). Nevertheless, in case of the appearance of tax invoice of the items imposing value-added tax (VAT), and receipt with PAN number in case of items not imposing VAT, the aggregate value limitation under mentioned amount will not be applicable.

At the end

If any passenger attempts to carry or dispatch without making the announcement to the customs or by hiding or secreting or try to carry or dispatch the goods opposing to this notification.  Such goods will be seized and will be taken action according to prevailing laws.

If any disarray happens to identify with the arrangements referenced in this notice, the choice of the Director-General of the Department of Customs will be conclusive.

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