Nepali Law

Indian Embassy announced Scholarship for Nepali Students

The Embassy of India, Kathmandu has invited online applications from Nepali students studying in Nepal for the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Scheme and Golden Jubilee Scholarship Scheme. Through the web portal, has published a notification that you can apply online from November 18, 22 to December 16, 2022.

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Presumption-A legal Theory

A presumption based upon a law or a general rule and not upon the facts or evidence in an individual case. Presumption is an inference, which takes place in the absence  of absolute certainty as  to truth  or falsehood of a  fact. In other words, presumption is an inference drawn …

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Parliamentary hearing of proposed Justice on “Fast Track”

Kathmandu The ruling parties have prepared to “Fast Track” the parliamentary hearing of the three proposed Justices of the Supreme Court of Nepal. On Tuesday, the Judicial Council recommended three persons for the post of Justice of the Supreme Court of Nepal. High Court Chief Justice Nita Gautam Dixit, High …

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