Judicial System of Nepal

The Judicial System of Nepal has believes in an independent, impartial, and competent judiciary and the concept of the rule of law, and establish a prosperous country. An independent judiciary, imaginative by the executive division of the government of Nepal. Judicial System of Nepal developed by its own judicial system, custom, and practices, and it … Read more

How to write the journal article with international standard: focus on criteria of selection the journal article-Full

By Raksha Ram, Judicial officer at Supreme Court   Journal articles are not a newspaper article, it is shorter than books and written about very specific topics. A journal is a collection of articles with a subjective specialization that is published regularly. It is present the most recent research, research-based article and journal articles are … Read more

Legal provision (law) related Untouchability and Discrimination of Nepal

Untouchability is a world-wide socio-cultural problem mostly on basis of race. In Nepal, Dalits form the groups which have received the most inhuman treatment and maltreatment from the so-called ‘high castes’ through caste-based discrimination, including untouchability. In practice, untouchability means avoidance of physical contact with persons of lower castes grounded in the caste system of … Read more

Hurt and Grievous Hurt with reference of Nepali/Nepalese law

Hurt might described as the substantial suffering which is brought about by actual contact with the body by a forced assault. There is no severe distinction between attack and hurt. Hurt: As per section 191 (2) of the National Penal Code, 2017 (hereinafter “NPC”), a person who does any or some of the following action to … Read more

How to proceed the case to get citizenship of person, those mother or father have citizenship by birth (Step by Step)

The person, whose father or mother have citizenship by birth of Nepal, has been seeking to obtain Citizenship of Nepal. They can not get citizenship due to lack of legal provision.  Some stateless people want to acquire citizenship, and some people has urgency of Citizenship card. For many purpose such as; to get admission in … Read more

The case, writ and application Symbol or code using in the Supreme Court of Nepal

The Courts are using specific codes and symbols for specific case types in the case numbers. These codes or symbols are helpful for identifying the nature of cases. The general people even beginner of law students also difficult to determine what type of case is it. Therefore here in the article, we provide some basic … Read more

Citizenships of Nepal | Nepali Nagarikata

Introduction to citizenship Citizens are an essential element of the nation. Citizens are those who have all the social, civic, economic, personal, political and other duties that can be obtained from the state and have certain duties. The constitution of Nepal ensures the rights citizenship and nationality. It stated that no citizen of Nepal deprived … Read more