Supreme Court issued a ordered to make necessary arrangements to ensure Dalit rights within 3 months

The Supreme Court of Nepal has delivered a landmark judgment to ensure the rights of Dalit Community of Nepal. SC issued a directive order in the name of the Government of Nepal to make necessary arrangements to ensure the rights of the Dalit community and social justice. The directive orders have been issued to make … Read more

Domestic Violence & its preventive Laws in Nepal

Devendra Puodel Introduction: – Domestic violence is one of the major forms of violence against women. Violence by a family member is also called domestic violence. In Nepali society, there is a traditional view that domestic violence is a matter of personal or domestic matter. – Physical, mental, sexual and economic damage to someone from … Read more

Judicial System of Nepal

The Judicial System of Nepal has believes in an independent, impartial, and competent judiciary and the concept of the rule of law, and establish a prosperous country. An independent judiciary, imaginative by the executive division of the government of Nepal. Judicial System of Nepal developed by its own judicial system, custom, and practices, and it … Read more