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Introduction to citizenship

Citizens are an essential element of the nation. Citizens are those who have all the social, civic, economic, personal, political and other duties that can be obtained from the state and have certain duties.

The constitution of Nepal ensures the rights citizenship and nationality. It stated that no citizen of Nepal deprived of right to obtain citizenship of Nepal.

Generally, the right to citizenship granted to a person living in the particular country on the basis of descent or permanent residence is called citizenship.

Citizenship certificate

Citizenship is the proof or legal identity card given by a state to a person to confirm the fact that s/he is a legal citizen of any country.

Age for obtaining citizenship in Nepal

According to the citizenship act, 2063, citizen of Nepal who attained the age of 16 years, is eligible to obtain the citizenship of Nepal.

The are following types of Citizenship in Nepal;

a. Citizenship by descent

b. Naturalized Citizenship

c. Non-resident Citizenship

d. Honorary Citizenship

Citizenship by descent

The following citizens can hold the citizenship by descent;

  • Citizens who has received the citizenship of Nepal by descent, prior to the beginning of Constitution of Nepal.
  • A person, whose father or mother was a Citizen of Nepal having a Citizenship certificate at the time of his/her birth.
  • A child of the citizen, who having Citizenship of Nepal by birth, if his/her mother and father both are citizen of Nepal.
  • A minor found within the Nepal territory, whose father and mother are not known, until the father or the mother of such child is traced.
  • A person who is born in Nepal from Nepali women citizen, has resided in Nepal and whose father is not traced.

Naturalized Citizenship 

Matrimonial Naturalized Citizenship:

A foreign women who got married with a Nepali citizen, can receive the naturalized citizenship of Nepal (on the basis of Matrimonial status)as provided in the federal law.

Naturalized Citizenship:

The Government of Nepal may, grant the naturalized citizenship of Nepal as per federal law.

Non-resident Nepalese Citizenship

The Nepalese non-resident citizens, who has acquired foreign citizenship other than south Asian country, can obtain the non-resident citizenship of Nepal.

The citizens who holds non-resident citizenship of Nepal, may enjoy the economic, social, and cultural rights according to federal law.

Honorary Citizenship of Nepal 

The Government of Nepal may provide the Honorary citizenship of Nepal in the respect of foreign citizenship.

The procedures for getting Citizenship certificate 

  • Fill-up the citizenship certificate,
  • Get recommendation from the word office (Municipality or Rural municipality),
  • The application should be submitted in full in the prescribed format to the District Administration Office or its branch,
  • Evidence or required document as prescribed should be submitted with the application.
  • Details of name, surname, caste, father’s name, address, nationality etc. should not be given in the application.


  • Nepali citizens can apply,
  • Attained the age of 16 years,
  • Eligible in accordance with federal law.

Required document

  • Birth certificate of the person,
  • Citizenship of Mother or Father or both,
  • Academic certificates,
  • Recommendation from ward office.

Citizenship issuing officer in the team

Official level employees of the civil service assigned by the Chief District Officer for the distribution of citizenship certificates.

The Chief District Officer can delegate authority to provide the citizenship card to the Officer level civil service.

  • If false details are given.
    Name, surname, caste, address, father’s name, nationality in a lie.
  • If a non-Nepali obtains a certificate of Nepali citizenship.
    Citizenship is not maintained
  • If you have obtained the citizenship of a foreign country.
  • If you register a notice of renunciation of Nepali citizenship.


Q. How can I get citizenship in Nepal? or how to make citizenship card in Nepal ?


You should follow the above process with necessary document mentioned in topic “The procedures for getting Citizenship certificate.”

Q. Is dual citizenship allowed in Nepal?


No, in Nepal dual citizenship is not allowed. If any person obtained the Citizenship of Nepal and same also have a citizenship of other country, such person shall be punished according to Nepali law. And Citizenship of Nepal ipso facto cancelled.

Q. What are the four types of citizenship?


a. Citizenship by Descent

b. Naturalized citizenship

c. Non-resident citizenship

d. Honor Citizenship

Q. What is the age to get citizenship in Nepal?

Answer: 16 (Sixteen) years

Q. What do you call a citizenship of Nepal?

Answer: There are some terminology to call citizenship of Nepal

a. Citizenship of Nepal

b. Nepalese Citizenship

c. Nepalko Nagarikata

d. Nepali Nagarikata

d. The Citizenship Certificate of Nepal

e. नेपाली नागरिकता

Q. What is the fees for citizenship certificate?


Citizenship Certificate is provided free of charge by the Government of Nepal.

There is no service charge, not tax or fee for citizenship certificate.

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  1. hi
    i’m living in farwest of mother is nepali and father is indian. we are living at nepal nearly 40 years . My father make all the document needed to get citizenship,since the corrupted officer did’nt do their work. they transfer the document to one office to another and they didnt focuse in that works.
    my father try his best for making his childs futher bright but he didnt………
    he left us … it has been 9 years he pass way..
    After that my brother try this process again the officer say same the law is not implement in process .
    if the law is not in use …
    why the people make law and change the law just changing like cloths ……
    I have been visited kanchanpur prasashan in 2078 , the side CDO did not react to that matter.
    i humbly say to side CDO officer that it is affect my higher study because in bacholor studies citizenship is mandatory so i pass my +2 in 2074 i loss my 4 years in citizenship issue …..
    he didnt focuse in my words..
    my dream is to be a doctor but in this not happening ….
    if anyone is reading my wods, if he/she feel my pain plz contact me
    my sell nbr is.

    • You should process for Naturalized (Angikrit) Citizenship, which can be provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs as the Nepal government’s decision, for it, you can apply through the nearest district administration office (CDO office), CDO office forwarded to the Ministry of Home affairs.

  2. Hi . I am currently living in US . I am trying to get a citizenship in Nepal . What procedure do I do for it ? I live with my parents here and they have their citizenship from Nepal . Do I have to get them to Nepal to file my citizenship or I can just bring their citizenship card to have my own .. Is there should be someone with me or not ?

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