Civil Law

The Citizenship of Nepal: A Pathway to Inclusion and Identity

Introduction: Citizenship is the cornerstone of a nation, representing the legal and political relationship between an individual and their country. In Nepal, citizenship holds immense significance as it determines a person’s rights, privileges, and responsibilities. The citizenship laws of Nepal have evolved over the years to reflect the changing socio-political …

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Key Features of World Heritage Convention

The key features of World Heritage Convention are as follows: This convention creates duties to its states parties in order to identify the potential heritage site and provides them the role of protecting and preserving it. It is the duty of every state, being the party to this convention to …

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Principles of conservation law

The Principles of conservation law are as follows: Substantive principles: it is the major principle that guides basic aspects of conservation law from ground level. It is not possible for every states to enter into bilateral agreement as it impact the states in one or other ways. Thus in order …

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