Former Chief Justice Shrestha on the list of ‘Towering Judges’ of the world

Former Chief Justice of Nepal Kalyan Shrestha has also been included in the list of world renowned Chief Justices. Former Chief Justice Shrestha is also included in the journal published by Cambridge University Press. He is listed as one of the most prominent judges in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, and South … Read more

Supreme Court issued Interim order not to implement the citizenship Ordinance

The Supreme Court has issued an interim order not to implement the Citizenship Ordinance in the name of the government of Nepal. The Constitutional bench of Supreme Court, comprising with Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra, Justices Deepak Kumar Karki, Mira Khadka, Harikrishna Karki and Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada issued the interim order. The Supreme Court has … Read more

State the general principles of criminal liability which are relevant to criminal proceedings in general.

Criminal liability is explains the logical structure of the criminal law. The prosecutors need to prove each element of the crime, is principle of criminal liabilities. All criminal charge needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Liability needs to be distinguished; Culpability- infers intent, Capacity – capacity defense, Responsibility – presumptions General principle      … Read more

Government recommended for the appointment to the Constitutional bodies

The Constitutional Council has recommended some people for appointment to vacant posts in various constitutional bodies (commissions). It has been made public on 27 Baishakh 2078. A meeting of the constitutional council held on Sunday has decided to recommend. The council meeting has recommended the appointment of former secretary Madhav Regmi the post of chairman … Read more

CJ expressed commitment to the establishment of an independent, fair and competent judiciary

Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabara conveyed his commitment to the establishment of an independent, fair and competent judiciary guaranteed by the Constitution of Nepal. By giving a congratulatory message on the occasion of Law Day, 2078 BS (2021 AD), he expressed his commitment for judicial independency. In this occasion, firstly he remembered the memorable persons, … Read more

Circulation Regarding to citizenship by birth

Ministry of Home Affairs Government of Nepal Citizenship and National Identity Card Management Branch Singhadarbar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Fax No. 01-421146 Phone no. 01-4211245 E-MAIL: Letter Numbers: – NaRaPa/ 075/76 Received letter number and date: No. 13 Date: 2075.12.19 Subject: Regarding to the children of citizens who have received citizenship based on the basis of … Read more

What type good/Baggage can carry a international traveler (From to Nepal)

Rules Regarding baggage for international travelers from-to Nepal According to subsection (3) of section 9 of the Customs Act 2064 (2007), there are some rules regarding baggage for international travelers. The government of Nepal has issued this notice the ‘Baggage Rules’. This rule governed the customs duty applicable on the personal goods, accompanied or unaccompanied. … Read more

Parental custody counted as completion of custody (with order): Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Nepal made an important judgment for the best interest of child and juvenile justice on 22 March 2021. The joint bench of the Supreme Court issued a writ of Habeas corpus, to send the juvenile from correction home to parental custody due to COVID-19. The petitioners filed a writ of habeas … Read more