Illegal detention and its remedy with reference of National and international laws  

Detention is when someone is arrested or put into custody or imprisoned for any reason. The police can arrest and detain people for investigation of a crime, or political reason. If, the person allegedly involved violates the country panel laws. If any person arrested or detained the person going loose his/her rights to liberty. The … Read more

How to proceed the case to get citizenship of person, those mother or father have citizenship by birth (Step by Step)

The person, whose father or mother have citizenship by birth of Nepal, has been seeking to obtain Citizenship of Nepal. They can not get citizenship due to lack of legal provision.  Some stateless people want to acquire citizenship, and some people has urgency of Citizenship card. For many purpose such as; to get admission in … Read more

Judicial Council Appoints the twenty Judges

The Judicial Council of Nepal recommended the appointment of two-judge for the Supreme Court of Nepal and eighteen judges for High Courts. As per decisions of the meeting of the Judicial Council meeting held on 2077.11.28, the two candidates are from among high courts judges for Supreme Court. According to the JC meeting decision, Similarly … Read more