Criminal Law

“Meter Byaj” Offense in Nepal: Understanding the Implications and the Path to Economic Stability

The “Improper Transaction” offense, also known as the “Meter Byaj” means compound interest offense. Offenses relating to Improper Transactions have been criminalized by amending National Codes to address this issue. This article aims to shed light on this understanding “Meter Byaj” issue, examining its origins, implications, and suggestions. We can …

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Legal provision (law) related Untouchability and Discrimination of Nepal

Introduction Untouchability is a worldwide socio-cultural problem mostly on basis of race. In Nepal, Dalits form the groups which have received the most inhuman treatment and maltreatment from the so-called ‘high castes’ through caste-based discrimination, including untouchability. In practice, untouchability means avoidance of physical contact with persons of lower castes …

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