SC issued order to the CDO to grant Nepali citizenship as per Constitution

As the petitioner Akash Gupta is a Nepali citizen eligible for Nepali citizenship as per Article 11 (3) of the Constitution of Nepal, an order will be issued in the name of the Opposition District Administration Office, Dhanusha to grant petitioner Akash Gupta Nepali citizenship as per the provisions of the Constitution. A joint bench … Read more

Opportunity to be a District Judge (Vacancy for 19 District Judge)

Kathmandu. The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has published an advertisement for the post of District Judge. The examination division of the commission has published advertisements for 19 District Judge candidates. Advertisements have been allocated 9 position for the internal service (officers of judicial service sector) and five people on the open side. Similarly, four position … Read more

Judicial System of Nepal

The Judicial System of Nepal has believes in an independent, impartial, and competent judiciary and the concept of the rule of law, and establish a prosperous country. An independent judiciary, imaginative by the executive division of the government of Nepal. Judicial System of Nepal developed by its own judicial system, custom, and practices, and it … Read more

Curriculum of 3 Year LL.B. Programme of Tribhuwan University of Nepal

The curriculum of LL.B. Programme LL. B. First Year Course Code No. Course Title Nature of Course Full Marks Period /Year Law 321 Jurisprudence Compulsory 125 Law 322 Procedural Law Compulsory 125 Law 323 Constitutional Law Compulsory 125 Law 324 Comparative Law and Nepalese Legal System Compulsory 125 Law 325 Law of Contract Compulsory 50 … Read more

Curriculum of 2 years LL. M. Programme of Tribhuwan University (TU)

Curriculum of LL. M. Programme (2 Years) of Tribhuwan University, Nepal LL. M. First Year: Course Code No. Course Title Nature of Course Full Marks Period /Year Law 611 Comparative Jurisprudence-I Compulsory 100 125 Law 612 Legal Research Methodology Compulsory 100 125 Law 613 Seminar Compulsory 100 125 Law 614 Constitutional Law-I(Constitutionalism) Optional 100 125 … Read more

Legal provision (law) related Untouchability and Discrimination of Nepal

Introduction Untouchability is a worldwide socio-cultural problem mostly on basis of race. In Nepal, Dalits form the groups which have received the most inhuman treatment and maltreatment from the so-called ‘high castes’ through caste-based discrimination, including untouchability. In practice, untouchability means avoidance of physical contact with persons of lower castes grounded in the caste system … Read more