Circulation Regarding to citizenship by birth

Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of Nepal

Citizenship and National Identity Card Management Branch
Singhadarbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Fax No. 01-421146
Phone no. 01-4211245

Letter Numbers: – NaRaPa/ 075/76
Received letter number and date: No. 13
Date: 2075.12.19

Subject: Regarding to the children of citizens who have received citizenship based on the basis of birth.

To, District Administration Office,
All (77 districts).

The Citizenship amendment Bill, 2075 has been pending in the Federal Parliament for long time, which is submitted for amending the existing Act relating Citizenship, 2063. The Supreme Court issued various orders to provide citizenship as per law, whose father’s or mother’s have citizenship by birth. Youth Nepali citizens unable to develop their educational and profession, instincts without being citizenship. Since it is necessary to address the problem that has been suffering. The children of the citizens who obtained citizenship by birth, if they will submit application attached with Father’s and Mother’s citizenship certificate, shall be provided citizenship by descent, after completion of the procedures according to Nepal Citizenship Acts, 2063,  and Regulation and directives. This circulation prepares as per decision of Minister of Home Affairs (Minister level).

(Gangocrasad Neupane)
Deputy Secretary


Mr. Prime Minister and Ministers of Ministers, Kathmandu, KATH.
Mr. Chief Minister and Council of Ministers,
Proof is no .2 / Province Procedure No.3 / Gandaki Pradesh / Pradesh / Pradesha Navy No.5 / Karnali Province State of State / Karnalian region

(Note: it is unofficial English translation)

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