Landmark Judgment on contempt of court of Supreme Court of Nepal

Supreme Court of Nepal established a new principle in the case of Khilanath Dhakal vs. Kumar Bhattarai one of the popular cases on contempt of court case. The joint bench of Justice Anil Kumar Sinha and Justice Hari Prasad Phuyal have trying to define a new concept. On 28 February 2020 made public the judgment … Read more

Supreme Court Reinstated the house, by declaring void Oli’s House dissolution decision (with full text)

The Supreme Court of Nepal declared void from the beginning of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s decision to dissolve the House of Representatives on Tuesday. With SC’s this decision, the House of Representatives of Nepal has been reinstated as it was. The Constitutional bench said that since the dissolution of the House of Representatives was … Read more

What does mean Criminal Law ?

This is an issue that’s astonishingly troublesome to answer. Most people would imagine the criminal law to be concerning murders, assaults, and thefts, which of course, it is; however the scope of criminal law is wider than this. Criminal also includes crimes against public morals, environmental offenses, and traffic offenses. It’s the values and culture … Read more

Where to discover College Scholarships

There are a lot of extraordinary school grants out there that can help you cover the expense of going to school. This way you don’t need to depend on a monetary guide alone or stress over reimbursing haul advances upon graduation. There are numerous spots that you should look for school grants. The greater amount … Read more