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How can find the case law or precedent in Nepal

Case law is considered an important source of law, particularly in the common law system. It is influenced by English Law. Case law also known as precedent or judges made law. In common law, case law governs the impact court decisions have on future cases. Dissimilar to most civil law …

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What does mean Criminal Law ?

This is an issue that’s astonishingly troublesome to answer. Most people would imagine the criminal law to be concerning murders, assaults, and thefts, which of course, it is; however the scope of criminal law is wider than this. Criminal also includes crimes against public morals, environmental offenses, and traffic offenses. …

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Where to discover College Scholarships

There are a lot of extraordinary school grants out there that can help you cover the expense of going to school. This way you don’t need to depend on a monetary guide alone or stress over reimbursing haul advances upon graduation. There are numerous spots that you should look for …

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