Sting operation quashed by Supreme Court of Nepal (With full text)

On April 21, 2021, the Supreme Court of Nepal has ruled that the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) cannot conduct a sting operation to arrest a bribe-taker. In the case of 074-WC-0020, the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme court declared null and void to the provisions of Rule 30 of the Commission … Read more

Hurt and Grievous Hurt with reference of Nepali/Nepalese law

Hurt might described as the substantial suffering which is brought about by actual contact with the body by a forced assault. There is no severe distinction between attack and hurt. Hurt: As per section 191 (2) of the National Penal Code, 2017 (hereinafter “NPC”), a person who does any or some of the following action to … Read more

Circulation Regarding to citizenship by birth

Ministry of Home Affairs Government of Nepal Citizenship and National Identity Card Management Branch Singhadarbar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Fax No. 01-421146 Phone no. 01-4211245 E-MAIL: Letter Numbers: – NaRaPa/ 075/76 Received letter number and date: No. 13 Date: 2075.12.19 Subject: Regarding to the children of citizens who have received citizenship based on the basis of … Read more

The physical evidence provides a reliable basis for proving or rejecting the fact

The Supreme Court of Nepal (SC) established a precedent that if the physical evidence has not been tampered with, it provides a reliable basis for proving or rejecting the fact. In the case of Nepal Government vs. “E” (Nepal Kanoon Patrika (NKP), Vol. 2, DN 10431) SC emphasized that physical evidence is more reliable than … Read more

What type good/Baggage can carry a international traveler (From to Nepal)

Rules Regarding baggage for international travelers from-to Nepal According to subsection (3) of section 9 of the Customs Act 2064 (2007), there are some rules regarding baggage for international travelers. The government of Nepal has issued this notice the ‘Baggage Rules’. This rule governed the customs duty applicable on the personal goods, accompanied or unaccompanied. … Read more