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Key Features of World Heritage Convention

The key features of World Heritage Convention are as follows:

  1. This convention creates duties to its states parties in order to identify the potential heritage site and provides them the role of protecting and preserving it. It is the duty of every state, being the party to this convention to identify and protect the potential site.
  2. This Conventions mentions about the concept of intra governmental committee which is known as world heritage committee which in which the representative of the different parties’ states attend the meeting in an advisory capacity for the better improvement in preservation and protection of world heritage.
  3. This convention aims the objectives to transfer the cultural heritage from one generation to another generation inorder to give the upcoming generation equal access in the use of such heritage.
  4. State parties to this convention can request for the international assistance for the protection and preservation for the protection and preservation of the potential site.
  5. This convention talks about the world heritage fund which receives the funds from the national and international donner and those fund are used for the protection and preservation of such sites.

Hence these are the features of world heritage convention.

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