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 Mid-West University


Mid-Western University (MWU) is an autonomous and public institution of higher learning with the mission to serve the people of Nepal and enrich the global learning community by extending the advantages of higher education. Established by the Government of Nepal with a Parliament Act on June 17, 2010, A. D.

The Mid- Western University, School of Law has opened the doors of legal education in 2018 as a historical accomplishment in the development of Mid Western University as a whole. It aims to serve society through the competitive legal education compatible with the changing national and international contexts. In addition, it has an objective to enrich the students with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge, lawyering skills, and research to meet the challenges of the age.


Our sincere endeavor will be to make legal education as justice education, as an instrument of social, political, and economic change for the positive transformation of the nation based on democratic norms and values with respect to human rights.


Mid-Western University School of Law is stand to develop and disseminate legal education through critically analyzes and scholarly research for social justice and value-based professionalism.

  • To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education at all levels to achieve excellence;
  • To organize advanced studies and promote research in all branches of law;
  • To disseminate legal knowledge and legal processes and their role in national development by organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops, and conferences;
  • To promote cultural, legal, and ethical values with a view to promote and foster the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of Nepal;
  • To improve the ability to analyze and present for the benefit of the public, contemporary issues of public concern and their legal implications;
  • To liaise with institutions of higher learning and research in Nepal and abroad;
  • To publish periodicals, treaties, study books, reports, journals, and other literature on all subjects relating to law;
  • To promote legal awareness in the community for achieving social and economic justice;
  • To undertake study and training projects relating to law, legislation, and judicial institutions;
  • To do all such things as are incidental, necessary, or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objectives of the university.

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Admission guidelines

Students seeking admission in BA.LLB course at MU School of Law can apply while the faculty announces for admission. The announcement of admission usually starts from the month of August/ September every year. Applicants seeking admission should face a written examination followed by an interview/presentation conducted by the school.

Scholarship information

Mid-Western University offers four scholarship schemes in order to encourage genuine students to pursue their academic careers in the legal field.

  • Purnakalina Chhatrabriti (Full Funded Scholarship)
  • Utakrista Bidhyarthi Chhatrabriti (Academic Scholarship)
  • Garib Tatha Jehandar Chhatrabriti (Scholarship for needy student)
  • Karmachari Chhatrabriti (Scholarship for Employee and their Children)

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