The Scope of a Law Degree in Nepal: Unlocking Opportunities through Intermediate Education


In Nepal, the field of law holds great significance and offers a wide range of opportunities for those interested in pursuing a legal career. With the intermediate education system acting as a stepping stone towards higher education, obtaining a law degree at this level can open doors to numerous prospects. This article explores the scope of a law degree obtained through intermediate education in Nepal and sheds light on the opportunities it presents.

Foundation for Legal Education:

The intermediate level, commonly known as the “10+2” system in Nepal, provides a strong foundation for students aiming to pursue a law degree. Upon completion of secondary education, students can choose the law stream as their academic track, enabling them to develop a fundamental understanding of legal principles, concepts, and procedures.

Undergraduate Law Programs:

After successfully completing the intermediate level with a law specialization, students can enroll in undergraduate law programs offered by various law colleges in Nepal. Nepal Law Campus, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, is a renowned institution that offers a Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BALLB) program. Other private law colleges such as Kathmandu School of Law, National Law College, Purbanchal University, Lumbini University, Gandaki University, and other universities and colleges also provide opportunities to pursue a BALLB degree.

Skills and Knowledge Development:

A law degree obtained through intermediate education equips students with essential legal skills and knowledge. The BALLB curriculum covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including constitutional law, criminal law, contract law, international law, and more. Through interactive learning methods, moot court sessions, and practical exercises, students develop critical thinking, research, negotiation, and advocacy skills. This comprehensive education lays a solid foundation for aspiring lawyers.

Legal Profession and Advocacy:

Upon completion of a BALLB degree, graduates can pursue careers in the legal profession and advocacy. They can work as advocates, legal consultants, or legal officers in law firms, corporate organizations, government institutions, or international organizations operating in Nepal. The demand for legal professionals in areas such as litigation, corporate affairs, intellectual property, human rights, and alternative dispute resolution is consistently growing in Nepal.

Judiciary and Judicial Services:

A law degree obtained through intermediate education is also a stepping stone toward the judicial sector. After completing a BALLB, graduates can participate in the competitive examinations conducted by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to secure positions as judges, judicial officers or registrars, and legal officers in the judiciary. This path allows individuals to play a crucial role in upholding justice and contributing to the legal system’s effective functioning.

Academic Pursuits:

For those inclined toward academia and research, a law degree at the intermediate level in Nepal offers the opportunity to further specialize in legal studies. Students can pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) program, which enables them to delve deeper into specific legal fields, conduct research, and contribute to legal scholarship. This advanced degree enhances career prospects not only in academia but also in areas such as legal research institutions, think tanks, and policy-making bodies.


Obtaining a law degree through intermediate education in Nepal presents a wide range of opportunities and a solid foundation for a successful legal career. From engaging in the legal profession and advocacy to contributing to the judiciary and pursuing academic research, the scope of a law degree is vast and diverse. Students interested in the legal field should carefully consider the possibilities, select reputable law colleges, and embark on this rewarding educational journey that holds the potential to shape Nepal’s legal landscape.

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